You can’t unsee this horrible Jordan merchandise



Look, we know nobody can be perfect all the time. Even MJ had his bad games that really aren’t documented often, but one thing that has been noted over the years in Mike’s sometimes questionable fashion sense.

Unfortunately, this has carried over to the official Jordan range over the years and while it may have looked good at the time, hindsight has brought us some wonderful pieces we can all have a chuckle at.

These are all available of eBay right now, if you’re keen.

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Air Jordan Pop Art All-Over Print Jacket
Jordan Two3 Button Down Shirt
Air Jordan 10 Embroidered Jeans
Air Jordan 1 Low T-Shirt
Jordan Two3 Waxed Denim Jacket
Jordan Two3 Embroidered Polo
Air Jordan 4 Print Jacket
Jordan Brand Velour T-Shirt
Jordan Women’s Off-Shoulder Velour Jacket
Air Jordan 3 Print Denim Shorts
Air Jordan 5 Embroidered Footprint Jeans
Jordan Brand Distressed Leather Jacket
Jordan Two3 Knit Sweater
Jordan Two3 Knit Sweater
Jordan Brand Embroidered Footprint Leather Jacket
Air Jordan 5 ‘Maroon’ Track Jacket
Jordan Two3 Corduroy Coat
Jordan Brand Sweater Vest