There’s even more UNC Jordans on the way for 2019


Even more baby blues.

Ok, we just reported that there was a trio, perhaps even four, UNC Jordans on the way for All-Star weekend, but it looks like we’ll be getting another one in the form of an Air Jordan 1 OG. Yes, Nike Air branding returns to the Jordan 1 again in 2019, which means it’s likely it will be here to stay for good.

According to info from Pinoe77, an Air Jordan 1 in white, university blue and navy will also be arriving during All-Star weekend. As of yet, we don’t have any details other than it’s expected release and color listing. We’ve taken the liberty to create a visual representation for now, but this is only a guide.

Stay tuned for more details, including a first look and locked in release info.

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