NBA Confirms James Harden’s Saucy Move Wasn’t a Travel — So Now Every Team is Doomed


MVP moves.

The NBA has confirmed that James Harden’s behind the back gather + step-back against the Suns on Tuesday night was NOT a travel.

In case you missed it, here’s another look:

​​”This is a legal play,” the NBA said on its Twitter account. “Although James puts the ball behind his back, he only takes two steps after the gather of the ball and therefore it is NOT a travel.”

Let’s not discredit the ​Rockets guard…that move was most-definitely cheeky. But this dude his been known to get away with a few travels in his day. But we always gotta ask the question, because he really doesn’t need any more saucy moves — he’s good enough already.

This is basically a side-step. It’s crafty and deceptive, ​like any other move Harden pulls off, but it’s a side-step nonetheless.

Jimmy’s about to cook up the entire league. Goddamnit.

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