adidas Intro Blue Soles on the Ultra BOOST 3.0

adidas Intro Blue Soles on the Ultra BOOST 3.0


Remember when anything BOOST related seemed to effortlessly grab the attention of sneakerheads in North America and Europe? adidas wasn’t shy about overproducing the popular Ultra Boost and NMD silhouettes from 2016 through 2018, but the impact of the lack of scarcity led to the overall reduction in interest in the two models that at one point seemed impossible to topple. What should’ve been more common in that era is the option of colored BOOST soles; that simple variation could’ve multiplied sales over time, and this Glow Blue take on the pressed foam pellets offers up enough change of pace from the classic white soles. If you’re still about that Ultra Boost life, this 3.0 model is available now directly from adidas.

adidas Ultra BOOST 3.0

Style Code: G54002
Color: Tech Ink/Glow Blue/Scarlet
Available Now
Price: $180

Available Now:

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