Unreleased adidas YEEZY 450 Slide Surfaces

Unreleased adidas YEEZY 450 Slide Surfaces

Though nobody is quite sure when adidas will resume releasing their YEEZY silhouettes in the post-Kanye era, it seems that their hefty backlog of stock is seeping through from factories to resellers more frequently. Though we’ve seen 350s, 500s, and Slides — the latter’s IP owned by Kanye — the next to appear is quite unexpected: a YEEZY 450 Slide.

Originally scheduled to arrive at the end of 2020, reported sizing and quality issues put the silhouette on ice. Two years passed and not a peep of a release, but now, perhaps for 2023, a retail release may be on the cards — without Kanye’s name attached, of course.

Just when (and if) these will release, under what new name, and how they will fair at retail without Ye’s name attached remains unknown, but with more details to follow, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your eyes glued to our official Twitter account for updates.

adidas YEEZY 450 Slide

Release Date: N/A

Style Code: GZ9864

Where to Buy:
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Images: @solebyzay

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