Confirmed! Yeezy Production to Increase

Confirmed! Yeezy Production to Increase

Yeezys for everyone!

Head of the Three-Stripe helm, CEO of adidas Kasper Rørsted has just confirmed adidas’ intention to scale up the production of Yeezys

Speaking about the Yeezy Brand on an earnings call, Rørsted said, ‘Kanye has repeatedly stated his aspiration to democratise the Yeezy brand. We share his aspiration and we are working hard to bring this vision to life. Watch out for more.’

His wording as careful as waling on eggshells, as to protect the brad from the unlikely event that the market (and the shareholders) will object. He’s using the word ‘democratise’ in the sense where it will make Yeezys available to the people, as they’ve always wanted. And a true democracy listens to the people.

But don’t celebrate just yet — it won’t happen overnight. We’ll be sure to eep you in the loop with further developments.

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