Kanye and Adidas Rumored to Be Restoring Their Relationship

Kanye and Adidas Rumored to Be Restoring Their Relationship

Rumors have been circulating that Kanye West and adidas are rekindling their partnership, mere months after the two industry giants parted ways in unamicable fashion.

It was reported back in October that the German sportswear brand had cut ties — effective immediately — after a string of fast and loose antisemitic comments from the 24-time Grammy-winning artist.

The axing resulted in a stockpile of YEEZY branded sneakers worth over $1 billion — and it is costing the brand dearly.

Backlash from the sneaker community has given Adidas every indication that these products would not be as desirably — and likely less saleable — without Kanye’s name attached.

According to the wave of Sneaker Twitter, the two parties are in talks to reunite, with adidas reportedly bringing more value to Kanye than their previous agreement — be it stronger royalties and/or design ownership.

Though yet to be publicly confirmed by either party, a rekindlement would definitely favor both, with Kanye obtaining a greater share of the YEEZY brand and adidas relieving themselves of a billion-dollar stock problem; The footwear fans will win, too.

With more details to emerge soon, you’ll want to keep your eyes glued to our official Twitter account for further updates.

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