Kasina x Kim Jung Gi x adidas Campus 80s Honors the Korean Tiger

Kasina x Kim Jung Gi x adidas Campus 80s Honors the Korean Tiger

With incoming collaborations from BAPE and Youth of Paris, it’s clear that adidas has big plans for the Campus 80s in 2023. That notion is strengthened further by unveiling a three-way collaboration between the German sportswear giant and two of Korea’s most prominent cultural names, Kasina and the late Kim Jung Gi.

While the artist has dipped his toes in numerous genres of illustrations—from manhwa to holding the Guinness World Record for the longest drawing by an individual in Fisheye Art—he is perhaps best known for his sprawling landscapes of sketches that covered both objects and subjects. Through his work, his legacy lives on, and so it does with this special-edition adidas Campus that pays tribute to the now-extinct Korean Tiger.

One shoe features an image of a frenzied tiger, mouth agape, with a skull on its outstretched tongue, while the other shoe displays a short-haired girl yanking on the tiger’s tail, eliciting a look of fury from the beast. Even the shoe insoles are meticulously adorned with illustrations, Kasina’s name intertwined, making for a comical and fitting tribute to a portion of Kim’s artwork.

Though pairs don’t have a solid release date, the Kim Jung Gi x Kasina x adidas Campus 80s has been slowly released at select retailers across the globe since the start of the year; Europe’s Suede Store has select sizes in stock now — the pair is listed up on adidas US for a future release on March 18 via CONFIRMED.

Kasina x Kim Jung Gi x adidas Campus 80s

Release Date: March 18, 2023

Style Code: IE4810
Retail: $130

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