AVIA Returns in 2023 With True-To-OG Retro Hoop Shoe Releases

AVIA Returns in 2023 With True-To-OG Retro Hoop Shoe Releases

With a colossal resurgence of retro 80s hoops shoes, it was only a matter of time before Oregon’s own AVIA made a comeback. And thanks to some of the world’s most dedicated vintage sneaker enthusiasts, the brand is back.

Founded in Oregon in 1979 by Jerry Stubblefield, the North American sportswear company has been noticeably absent from the industry for the better part of two decades. Prior to its acquisition by Reebok, the sneaker brand was known for its innovative approach to on-court footwear, most notably for its trampoline-like cantilever sole, a design for which AVIA successfully sued Nike in 1991.

Worn by the likes of Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen, the AVIA brand holds a legendary status in the sneaker scene, with notable rips coming from the like of Virgil Abloh and his Louis Vuitton LV Trainer Sneaker Boot. Now, after years and years (and years) of retro sneakerheads calling for a comeback, AVIA will return with two of their most popular models, the 880 and 830, in true-to-OG specifications.

And when we say true to OG, we mean a one-for-one rehash; Unlike other big-name basketball brands.

AVIA is expected to kick off the comeback in March 2023 — so stay tuned.

Update 01.22.23 // AVIA has teased new looks at their handmade retro range, with the limited-to-1000 pair production expected to touch down on March 23rd, 2023. More details will follow soon, but until then, enjoy an updated look at the sneakers in question below.

First Looks //

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