The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 13 “Terminator”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 13 “Terminator”

Ok, so I may have been on a Netflix binge today whilst looking after my little dude. And what better way to welcome him into the world than with an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie marathon. Of course it always starts with Predator and Commando, but you know Terminator is coming on right behind it.

if you haven’t seen the 1984 classic – you’re missing out. In fact, if you haven’t seen it. stop reading this now and go watch. For those who have, the inspiration for today’s concept comes quite obviously from the then state-of-the-art scene where the T-900 Model 101’s cyborg eye had been exposed. This of course played a huge roll in the remaining franchise films, becoming somewhat of a calling card.

The mix of Deep Grey and Gunmetal represent the Terminator’s metal exoskeleton, with the iconic ankle hologram depicting that aforementioned eye.

If you grew up throughout the 80’s and 90’s, we were blessed to have so many great Arnold action films. But which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

For me? I still love True Lies.

Hasta la vista, baby.

Air Jordan 13 “Terminator” Concept

from the House of Heat Concept Lab


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exposed cyborg eye from the 1984 classic film “Terminator” is the inspiration behind today’s concept.

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