The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 3 “Undefeated”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 3 “Undefeated”

We’re back from the lab wth another concept for y’all today – this one inspired by a unicorn Air Jordan sneaker collaboration.

Last week we saw DJ Khaled flexing a pair of Jordans worth over $100k (according to StockX) – the 2005 Undefeated x Air Jordan 4. Wth only 72 pairs in existence, you can see why it’s price tag is sky high. And today we see the Shoe Surgeon with his take on an Undefeated x Air Jordan 1.

Let’s keep the ball rolling with an Air Jordan 3 edition that we would love to see.

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Air Jordan 3 “Undefeated” Concept

by the House of Heat



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