The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 12 “Cavs”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 12 “Cavs”

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Today’s concept is one from our archives – from a time before this website even existed. You may have seen this before, it’s been both shared on big outlets such as WorldStar and copied a few times by customizers – such a great compliment!

There’s two reasons we’re pulling this concept back into the spotlight. For one, it’s an insane colorway, but today I was asked today who I think will win it all this year. And off recent form, it’s very hard to go past LeBron and the Cavs.

And this is what jogged my memory of this killer colorway from our Concept Lab archives.

So who’s your tip to win the 2017/18 NBA Championship? Will the Cavs take reclaim greatness?

Tell us in a comment below!

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Air Jordan 12 “Cavs”

from the House of Heat Concept Lab



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