Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Court Purple”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Court Purple”

We got a thirst for the Purp.

Well, what can we say?

We just love purple.

Last month, the Air Jordan 1 “Court Purple” really caught our eyes. It’s just a damn nice colorway on any Air Jordan. We need to see more of it.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to whip up a series of “Court Purple” Air Jordans, including the Jordan 6 in black, Jordan 6 in white, Jordan 11 and now this, probably our favorite, Air Jordan 12.

It’s as simple as purple suede and black detailing, but most of the time, the simplest colorways are the best.

Tell us your feels on these and our other “Court Purple” Concepts in the comments section below!

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Air Jordan 12 “Court Purple”

From the House of Heat Concept Lab

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