The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 13 “Cyber Monday”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 13 “Cyber Monday”

As we edge closer and closer towards the biggest sale day of the year – and a huge release period for Nike and Jordan Brand – we can’t help think that there’s something missing. A true “Cyber Monday” colroway.

Yes, we know it only hit the Air Jordan 1 and 3 (and even the latter wasn’t dropped in late November), but the colorway is just too crisp to ignore. Why havent we gotten a fresh Cyber Monday offering since? Who knows. But this year – being the year of the Air Jordan 13 – I was hoping for a return of the amazingly simple Black and White colorway.

But, we never got it.

So, I did as I always do and headed into the Concept Lab to create my very own version of what I’d hoped for from Cyber Monday 2017. The result is this Air Jordan 13 – and let me tell you (and I’ve said this before) – this colorway will never ever look bad on a Jordan retro.

So what do you think of today’s “Cyber Monday” Air Jordan 13 concept? Tell us what you think a comment below!

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Air Jordan 13 “Cyber Monday”

from the House of Heat Concept Lab




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