The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 4 “Cyber Monday”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 4 “Cyber Monday”

Today being Cyber Monday – you’d have to expect that we’d be coming at you with a colorway of namesake. And today we’re dropping one on you that we’ve wanted to do for a while – but we’d been saving it for the day itself.

We’re just trying to get the tumbled leather, black and white classic colorway back in production – because it truly looks amazing on any Jordan retro. And we’d know – we’ve made a few.

Check out our Cyber Monday Jordan Six, Seven, Eight, Eleven and Thirteen!

So what do y’all think of today’s concept? Is it better than our previous Cyber Monday colorway concepts? Tell us inthe comments below!

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Air Jordan 4 “Cyber Monday”

from the House of Heat Concept Lab




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