The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 5 “Alternate Midnight Navy”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 5 “Alternate Midnight Navy”

If you’ve seen our Lab work in the past, you’ll understand our love for the Air Jordan 6 “Midnight Navy” from way back in 2000. Because of this undenable love, we’ve created multiple colorways based off the 2000 classic.

These colorways include an “Alternate” version, which replaces a White upper for the Midnight Navy – a color that we feel is lacking in the entire Jordan retro collection.

So to follow on from our “Alternate” versions of the Midnight Navy 6 and the 11, we bring you a Jordan 5 that we feel needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Would you COP or PASS on an “Alternate Midnight Navy” Air Jordan 6?

Tell us in a comment below!

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Air Jordan 5 “Alternate Midnight Navy”

from the House of Heat Concept Lab



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