Concept Lab // Air Jordan 5 “Freshwater”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 5 “Freshwater”

While we’re awaiting the return of The Kid’s kicks early next year, we may have found ourselves on YouTube in anticipation, watching some vintage Ken Griffey Jr. clips. And man, was he something. Growing up as a Giants fan, it was all about Barry, but 12 hours up the road there was someone equally special to watch — you just couldn’t hate the man. The swing. The athleticism. The charisma. The Kid had it all. Then came the kicks, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1.

It debuted in 1996 as an instant classic. 25 years later it will return to the market in many of its OG variations, including the famed “Freshwater” release. These came out in the days before Jordan Brand PEs for baseball pros, but we’d imagine that if Griff was playing today, he’d be kitted up in anything and everything Mike would send his way. You can just imagine the colorways. In fact, we have, too, including this Air Jordan 5 “Freshwater” Concept that we quickly whipped up as a “what if”. The color is rarely used by Nike — even more so with Jordan Brand, though it feels right at home; Perhaps we might even dabble in a few more “Freshwater” mock-ups in the coming weeks, and hopefully Jordan Brand strat introducing the color back into their mainline releases sooner. Until then, enjoy our creation here below, and keep your eyes locked on our official Twitter account for the latest news from Jordan, Nike adidas, and more.

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Air Jordan 5 “Freshwater”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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