Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Cyber Monday”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Cyber Monday”

More often than not, it’s the simplest, most understated colorways that forge their way in becoming a classic. For Jordan Brand, countless colorways come to mind. Most of the OGs are simple in nature, from the OG Air Jordan 1 “Neutral Grey” to the Air Jordan 6 “Infrared”. Perhaps constrained against our lofty standards, modern classics are much harder to come by — but when they do, it’s often thanks to its simplicity. The Air Jordan 1 is responsible for man modern favorites, some of which are more surprising than others. Simple colorways like the straight-up Sail release’s popularity boggled the mind, but it was understandable. 2015’s Cyber Monday is another.

It’s around this time each year that we ponder why exactly we haven’t seen any more of the simply-blocked Cyber Monday colorways. 2016 saw an Air Jordan 3 follow up the One, but since then, nothing. It’s a strange one considering each release has significant praise and extreme versatility. Perhaps it’s just too simple for the modern market — but we think that literally any Air Jordan retro could pull off the black leather upper/whie sole unit combo — just look at this conceptual Air Jordan 6, for example.

We’ve done a few of these mock-ups in the past, all of which were welcomed by very warm receptions — so just exactly why is it that we’re yet to see more of it? That’s a question only Jordan Brand can answer; and hopefully  they do that with a brand new Cyber Monday colorway for 2021.

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Air Jordan 6 “Cyber Monday”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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