Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Maroon/Gold”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Maroon/Gold”

My sneaker senses are tingling.

Sometimes all we need is a dope-ass colorway. No loosely-tied inspiration. No need for collaborations. No pivotal moment. Just clean as hell colorways. After all, that’s all sneaker used to be way back when — what palettes complimented the silhouette. And while a lot has changed in sneakers since 1991, people still just want one thing; nice looking sneakers.

Alas, today’s inspiration comes from nothing but complimentary colors and new blocking methods. Hell — we don’t even have a nickname for it. Now that’s old school.

For this Maroon/Gold Concept Air Jordan 6, we’ve opted for ultra-fine nubuck uppers for a matte-like finish to the maroon upper. Blacked-out midsoles offer up distinct color blocking from the OG Air Jordan 6s, while splashes of complimentary gold arrive just because they look hella dope.

Why can’t it all be that simple?

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Air Jordan 6 “Maroon/Gold”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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