Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Smoking Jacket”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 6 “Smoking Jacket”

It’s no secret that Mike loves his cigars. We’ve seen them in-hand and in-mouth on countless occasions — and if you’ve seen Chicago mansion that’s currently up for sale, you’ll know that his Cigar Room is as big as your standard-sized condo. There’s a handful of iconic post-Finals photos that show the GOAT with a stogie and champagne bottle in hand — Jordan Brand even commemorated these moments with Championship editions of the Air Jordan 6, 7 and 8. But after the dust settled, the stragglers went home and Mike got home to relax? You bet he went straight to his cigar lounge and blazed one. Today’s concept captures that moment of solitude, with a concept we’ve dubbed the “Smoking Jacket” Air Jordan 6.

Of course, we’ve started at rung number one — 1991 — with our take on the Air Jordan 6 utilizing a black-grey base to honor Mike’s Finals footwear tradition, A solitary gold accent on the tongue to represent that first Larry O’Brien, and smokey midsole accents to match. The upper arrives in a dusty tear-away suede to reveal a golden embroidery base — a pattern frequently found on traditional smoking jackets of the bygone era. You can see both out-the-box and completely torn-away versions below. Like wear-aways, we love the idea that the wearer can customize a sneaker to their own unique tastes and style, so we’ve also included a couple of mismatched versions further below.

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Air Jordan 6 “Smoking Jacket”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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