Concept Lab // Air Jordan 8 “Deathstroke”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 8 “Deathstroke”

Next up for our Supervillian Series of Sneaker Concepts:

If we’re talking Supervillains, it’s hard to exclude the one guy who’s killed his two sons, his childhood best friend, and the entire Teen Titans crew. DC Comics’ Deathstroke is one savage MF.

Also known also by his given name, Slade Joseph Wilson, Deathstroke is a mercenary and assassin who, like Captain America, joined the army, having faked his real age. For a time he fought in Korea until he was relocated to Camp Washington where he met his future wife, Adeline Kane. Adeline was quickly smitten by Slade and they married soon after. Following their marriage, an officer offered him a chance at a program to augment his adrenal glands in order to resist truth serums; Slade couldn’t help but apply.

Of course, the program was a ruse, as it was actually a super soldier program. The surgery went bad and Slade fell into a coma. When he woke, he had superhuman abilities, but his mental faculties weren’t all there.

We couldn’t go past another rendition of a tonal Air Jordan 8 — it’s cross-over strap design, buckles, overlays and abundance of details and texture make it look like a super suit when finished in singular tone. And this Navy rendition is simply menacing, Of course, we threw in quick flashes of orange to be consistent with Slade’s suit — Now looking back post-design, perhaps the right shoe’s Jumpman should have been navy’d-out, to match his one-eyed vision.

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Air Jordan 8 “Deathstroke”

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Air Jordan 8 Deathstroke DC Comics Concept

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