Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Bakin”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Bakin”

Through Nike’s extensive back catalog of hardwood heaters, there’s a handful of designs that fans have been screaming out for a return. Often towards the top of that list is the controversial Nike Air Bakin from 1997, a sneaker both as audacious as it is infamous. A popular choice amongst flashy guards — most notably Tim Hardaway – it’s memorable for more than its striking visual cues and its aggressive hues — it also caused a stir amongst the Muslim community.

The controversy arose from the fiery logo on the heel; The word ‘Air’ was originally designed in a fiery motif that bared a slight resemblance to ‘Allah’ in Arabic text. It forced Nike to recall the shoes and re-release them with a basic Nike Air logo. in the back. Despite the uproar — or perhaps even more so because of it — the sneaker remains a coveted classic amongst sneakerheads, even more so given its rarity; Nike has been ungenerous in re-releasing the sneaker, with the pair returning on only one occasion (2013) since its initial release.

2013 Nike Air Bakin

So if we’re not going to get a retro of the pair soon, could we at least see it elsewhere? Perhaps Mike can take it on board – and this Air Jordan 9 “Bakin” might just fill the void. A straightforward concept for us — one we’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time — the pair boasts a similar appearance to its inspiration. Here you’ll find the same black-out sole units popped with white branding, red nubuck uppers hit with black detailing, and the famous yellow laces over the midfoot.

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Air Jordan 9 “Bakin”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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