Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Lex Luthor”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Lex Luthor”

Next up for our Supervillian Series of Sneaker Concepts:

There’s no other Supervillain in the world that’s more notorious this guy — perhaps because he’s the archenemy of the number 1-ranked Superhero of all-time, Superman. But what makes Lex Luthor so damn good is that he’s not your traditional villain. He’s a business magnate. engineer and philanthropist — and considered one of the most intelligent people in the comic world. The well-known public figure of LexCorp is hell-bent on ridding the world of the alien Superman, whom Lex views as an obstacle to his plans and as a threat to the very existence of humanity

The character was originally introduced as a diabolical recluse, but during the Modern Age, he was reimagined by writers as a devious, high-profile industrialist, who has crafted his public persona in order to avoid suspicion and arrest. From time to time he wears his Warsuit, a high-tech battle suit giving him enhanced strength, flight, advanced weaponry, and other capabilities, similar to Iron Man, which is what this concept is based off:

He’s such a badass that he’s even crossed over to DC comic to battle it out with the likes of Batman. Hell, even his name is badass.

For the sneaker, we’ve chosen the militaristic boot-like Air Jordan 9, a shoe that would look right at home with the Boss’ big suit. The colors stay true to the suit, too, arriving in deep greens and purples, with a big white upper, representing the bad guy’s bald-ass head. We still have a few more Supervillian Concepts coming, so stay tuned for more!

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Air Jordan 9 “Lex Luthor”

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Air Jordan 9 Lex Luthor Concept

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