Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Diamondback”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 9 “Diamondback”


Today’s concept is not for Suns fans.

Native to Arizona, the Diamondback is one dangerous beast. But back in 1993, the locals had a more severe threat. His name was Micael Jordan.

The Phoenix Suns, led by the season MVP Charles Barkley, looked to be Championship favorites all year long. But coming face to face against Michael and his back-to-back Bulls is certainly more terrifying than facing a pissed off Diamondback Rattlesnake.

A venomous bite from the Diamondback attacks tissue cells, creating necrosis and destroying viable cells. It also prevents clotting and promotes hemorrhaging throughout the affected area. And if you witnessed the 1993 NBA Finals, you’ll know that what Mike did to Chuck and the Suns was more painful than that.

His Airness went off for six games straight, dropping 31, 42, 44, 55, 41 and 33. Talk about a killer performance.

After the vicious bite by Mike, the Suns were paralysed and never recovered; they have never made it back to the NBA FInals since.

And it’s that paralysis that inspires today’s concept. From the Diamondback overlays to its contrasted stitching, all the way down to its snake-inspired laces. We’ve chosen the Air Jordan 9, as the next signature sneaker to debut after that Finals series — a painful reminder that things would never be the same for hoops in Phoenix.

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Air Jordan 9 “Diamondback”

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