Twitter is Roasting Kanye’s “I Love it” Video

Twitter is Roasting Kanye’s “I Love it” Video

The internet wins again.

We’ve all seen it now, Kanye’s surprise music video for his Lil Pump collaborative track “I Love It.”, albeit mostly through memes and Twitter trolls. But for those who haven’t, here’s an overview:

The video, which was directed by West himself, also features visuals executive produced by Spike Jonze. In the just over two-minute clip, West and Pump can be seen wearing oversized, blocky outfits, bulky chains and even a pair of oversized YEEZY slides can be seen on West.

And we all just knew the Twittersphere would go to town on it. And it did. Here’s the best reactions below, my favorite, of course, is the Seinfeld reference.

In more music-related news, Cardi B posted a scathing message to Nicki Minaj.

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