Twitter responds to Kanye’s early version of the Boost 350

Twitter responds to Kanye’s early version of the Boost 350

Thank the lord Yeezus Christ – Kanye is back on Twitter.

Being known for his musical genius, you’d expect his return to Twitter to be part of promoting a new album – instead he had risen to tackle Nike’s apparant “Yeezy-inspired” revamp of the Nike Monarch via John Elliot.

And the sneaker talk continued again today, with Ye posting a few photoshops of the Yeezy 350 from it’s infancy stages of design – if you can call it design.

The hypbeasts, of course, ate it up. But to anyone who knows why they like something – not who it’s attached to – could see it’s hideousness in all of it’s photoshopped glory.

And of course, Twitter’s responses are always on point. With this guy not being able to unsee their deep-sea resemblance.

Some turned to extreme measures to show their distaste for Yeezy sneakers in general.

For some, it was just great to see Kanye back on Twitter.

And some comparing his genius to the incredibly gifted Albert.

But it seems most people we’re brought up decent, avoiding the elephant in the room with momma’s values; If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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