YEEZY SUPPLY are Selling “I Love It” Costumes

YEEZY SUPPLY are Selling “I Love It” Costumes

The #1 Halloween Outfit of 2018.

Kanye West and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” videoclip has been well mocked. The duo, wearing ridiculous oversized, YEEZY-themed outfits skyrocketed their collaborative effort to almost 200 million YoutTube views since it’s release on September 7th.

The sheer ridiculousness of the video spawned hilarious memes, a DIY video courtesy of Tabasko Sweet, and a viral dance challenge — only adding more momentum to their video clip.

So naturally, YEEZY SUPPLY had to ride the wave and capitalize on the track’s popularity.

Yesterday it was officially selling the oversized ‘fits online for $200 a pop on the site, which has them listed as “one size fits most.”

The pack of costumes ($200 gets you both Kanye’s and Lil Pump’s outfits) will ship to deliver before October 26 in the USA, meaning they’d arrive just in time for Halloween.

They’re all sold out now, but forget these, I’m waiting on their Fiji and Perrier water bottle fits for Halloween this year.

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