10 Times Michael Jordan Actually Won at Fashion

10 Times Michael Jordan Actually Won at Fashion

Surprising Ws.

We all know about Mike’s fashion sense. Which is quite ironic, considering the clout his brand has in the fashion scene. But in case you’ve forgotten, just last week we took a look back at 40 Times MJ Failed Fashion.

But, much like sneaker releases, through all the Ls there’s a few wins. We’ve found 10 instances of that, and we’d be wrong for not flexing Mike’s strong fashion game.

After all, these Ws should be celebrated — they’re almost as rare for Mike as winning an NBA chip.

This photo just captures all-things 90s drip.

I know these are team-issued, but boy, they are lit. They need to bring these back!

Mike seriously looks like he belongs in today’s streets here — 25 years ahead of his time.

That jacket ?

The “Ugly Sweater” should have stayed a T — this is a real Fresh Prince fit.

Basic is best, Mike. Those PE’s tho!

Basic is best, but classic is better. 

Speaking of classic, this combo never goes out of style.

I know turtle necks are well and truly out of vogue, but this is still dope. The color combo on point.

Complete steeze. Shades, suit, whip — even the plates are dripping with sauce.

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