40 Times MJ Failed Fashion

40 Times MJ Failed Fashion

Fashion faux pas.

Mikey, I love you. I really do.

I love what you’ve done for the sport of basketball. I love you more for what you’ve done for sneaker culture. But I just can’t deal with your fashion sense, bro.

MJ was as close as perfect that you’ll ever get from a basketballer, in fact his finals record is perfect, as all the anti-LeBron fans will remind you. But nobody’s actually perfect. Mike may be one of the most decorated players on the court, but from 3-quarter zip-off cargos to some of the worst suits I’ve ever seen, it’s safe to say that Mike is the worst-dressed off the court — and we have proof. Here’s 40 times that Mike failed at fashion:

That denim is about on par with his worst.


Wait a minute . . . . I stand corrected.


Mike lookin’ like a snack. Literally. Waffle House anyone?


Hands up if you still rock traindriver hats.


Mike’s gone the ol’ egg combo of white and yellow, keeping it scrambled with the untuck, too.


Avatar Mike.


$1.3B and not a tailor in sight.


Wait — is that a friendship bracelet from Scottie?

I think we found a new contender for Mike’s worst denim.


Morpheus and Neo.


Even Tyson Chandler has to look away from those boots.


There’s so much fabric in those pants, I just cant deal. That golf bag lit tho ?

I honestly thought he was wearing a bib here.


Nope, we found ’em. THESE are the jeans!


You can’t get more dad-fit than a leather belt and trainers.


Mike out here looking like a Lay-Z-Boy.

Again with the excess fabric ??‍♂️




Black belt, brown shoes is never ok.


Bruh, you gotta chill with the denim.

“Coiuldn’t find a jacket so I wore the drapes”


The Great Black Shark.


?????? — peep the 3s tho ?


Mike looks like my hispanic uncle Hector here.

Well, we all know Mike was a hit with the ladies, so this makes sense.




Caption this.


Derek ain’t much better either ??‍♂️

Why Mike look like a 90’s female RnB star here?




Mike getting loose on the links.


The Canadian Tux!

3-Quarter lenght zip-off cargos. Bruh.


I didn’t even know suit buttons went that high!


Mike, you on safari or on the links?


On the biggest stage, with the entire world watching on and a literal spotlight on you, you’ve opted for a shiny silver suit. MIKEY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!

I don’t even know what to say about this one.

LMAO this one got me ded.

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