Chris Paul: “Somebody’s Gotta Beat Us Four Out of Seven Times”

Chris Paul: “Somebody’s Gotta Beat Us Four Out of Seven Times”

CP3 ain’t worried — yet.

Chris Paul says he’s not overly concerned with Houston’s average start to the season. CP3 is looking at the season long-term, and still doesn’t believe anyone can beat the Rockets “four out of seven times” in a playoff series.



But their current record is to the contrary: Houston winning four out of seven games, at this stage, seems unlikely.

The Rockets, who won a franchise-record 65 games last season, have struggled to an 11-12 start to the season, and are currently 13th in the Western Conference standings.

Plus, we’ve got a feeling the Warriors, Lakers, Nuggets and yes, even the Clippers, would hold the upper hand over the Rockets if we were to drop a 7-game series right now.

Per CBS Sports:

And yet while this team certainly isn’t pleased with their start — “Our record ain’t that good,” Paul said — they remain relatively sanguine that they’ll still be right in the mix when it matters most.

“I’m still not that concerned, to tell you the truth,” Paul replied. “Somebody’s gotta beat us four out of seven times. I don’t see that happening.”

After Monday’s loss, coach Mike D’Antoni scolded me for bringing up the notion of comparing this Rockets team to last year’s Rockets team: “You shouldn’t, because it really doesn’t matter. This is our team this year. Who cares? Who cares? That’s the Rockets of the past. We can’t compare ourselves to Olajuwon or anybody. This is us. We gotta figure this out.”

Yet in D’Antoni’s own locker room, Paul was making the same comparison, unbidden, noting that last year’s team lost 17 games all season while this year’s team is already sitting at 12 losses.

“It’s a lot different than last year,” Paul said. “But once we figure it out, we’ll be alright.”

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