Evan Turner Shoots His Shot with Instagram “Model”

Evan Turner Shoots His Shot with Instagram “Model”

ET risking it all.

Evan Turner has no chill.

The Ohio State Buckeye come Trailblazer decided to shoot his shot in Instagram THOT Sarah Love Macdonald’s comments after she posted this picture:

​​Yeah, you read that right. Turner’s best effort was “I wanna play basketball with them double D’s.”

I don’t think that’s the best introductory line. Perhaps he was lost for words . . .


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Ironically, Turner is one of the worst “shooters” in the ​NBA. He shot 42 of 132 on three-pointers last season, good for only 31.8 percent.

But her, shooters keep on shooting is a phrase closely associated with each no is closer to a yes — so good luck Evan!

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