Insane James Harden Stats Shows How Many ‘Superstar’ Calls He Gets

Insane James Harden Stats Shows How Many ‘Superstar’ Calls He Gets

They go soft on Harden . . .

Being a superstar in the NBA comes with its perks, but it seems as if one benefit of stardom has been lackadaisical officiating from referees.

We all saw ​James Harden get away with one of the most outrageous no-calls on a clear travel, but this statistic shows just how much Harden has been able to get away with when he drives to the basket.

Since the beginning of the 2012-13 season, ​Harden has taken 4,278 free-throw attempts. The next highest mark in the league is from Russell Westbrook who has taken 3,617.


Harden has been to the line over 1,300 ​​more times than the next highest player in the league over the past seven seasons. The ​Rockets superstar is renowned for his ability to draw contact on drives to the hoop, but this statistic is incredible.

Harden has averaged 10.2 free-throw attempts per game this year, and his career high was 10.9 in 2016-17. The extreme disparity between Harden’s amount of free-throw attempts and the rest of the league suggests even further that he is given foul calls that he doesn’t deserve, simply because of his reputation around the league.



People around the NBA are getting frustrated with the league’s officials failing to penalize Harden for his actions, and rightfully so.

He is definitely the player in the league most capable of drawing contact on drives to the hoop, but he is getting calls far too frequently, especially compared to other players in the league.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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