James Harden Won’t Rat on Himself for Getting Away With Travels

James Harden Won’t Rat on Himself for Getting Away With Travels

That wasn’t a travel, it was a vacation!

James Harden is no stranger to a favorable call or no-call. Especially when it comes to travels. But his double-step-back move on Monday night, against Ricky Rubio (which Harden got fouled on, mind you) was an absolute disgrace:



Rubio fronting the media, hoping to avoid a fine, refused to take reporters’ bait when asked about the controversial play.

Harden, meanwhile, said he won’t rat on himself if the refs miss the call.




“You watch the play? What do you think?” Rubio said when asked if he thought Harden traveled, not wanting to get fined for criticizing officiating. “I’m not going to answer, but I think 100 percent of the people know the answer.”

Harden didn’t deny that he got away with a walk.

“What do you want me to say? Tell on myself?” Harden said.

The missed traveling call added a controversial element, but Harden’s 47-point outing against the Jazz was the continuation of an offensive groove for the Rockets superstar. He is averaging 39.5 points per game during Houston’s four-game winning streak, highlighted by a pair of triple-doubles, including a 50-point performance against the Los Angeles Lakers.

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