Jimmy Butler Details the Infamous Timberwolves Practice 👀

Jimmy Butler Details the Infamous Timberwolves Practice 👀

Jimmy was on fire !! 🔥

Recently appearing on The JJ Redick Podcast, Jimmy Butler finally detailed that infamous Timberwolves practice from October.

Butler, who, according to himself, dominated on both ends of the floor while playing with the third-stringers, told Redick that he only shot the ball one time:


The most interesting detail of that whole scrimmage that nobody knows: I only shot the ball once.

I was dominating, but I only shot the ball once. Dimes, boom, boom, boom. Steals, blocks. I only shot the ball one time.


According to Butler, Timberwolves management informed him that he had to practice that day, which “lit a fire.”


We’re literally just talking, and then somebody says: ‘You’re gonna practice.’ Now, first of all, I have a for-real problem with authority. When somebody’s telling me what to do as a grown man, I have a problem with it. So now you done lit the match, but ain’t nothin’ on fire yet. You just lit the match.

I was like: ‘First of all, you’re not going to tell me what I’m gonna do. If I choose to practice, I’ll choose to practice.’ And I’m like: ‘Nah, I don’t know just yet.’ And then he was like: ‘No, you’re gonna practice.’ Now you’re getting that fire a little too close to me, so I’m like: ‘Let me tell you something, if I’m going to practice, I’ll come off the bench, like I’ll play with this second group if I want to as long as I’m out there in practice.’ Boom.

This person goes: ‘No, you’re gonna play with the starters.’ There you go. You did got me now. No I’m not. I’m gonna play with the third-stringers, now what? I’m telling them I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it, because I know whenever I go in there, I’m trying to basically just prove a point.

I was on one, there you go. I was on one. All because he lit the match. I would’ve been cool otherwise.

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