Joakim Says He Ws “Too Lit” For NYC”

Joakim Says He Ws “Too Lit” For NYC”

Too Lit to Quit.

Apparently the Big City life just isn’t for Joakim Noah.

Noah stated on the Chris Vernon Show about his city preferences during his career in the NBA. Unfortunately, both Chicago and New York were just “too lit” for Noah, but Memphis’ quiet Tennessean lifestyle is just right for him.

​​Most of the time, players wish for the luxurious lifestyles, but Noah just wants to focus on basketball now.

It’s a good thing Noah has been loving the Tennessean culture, as his play in Memphis has led to him being a defensive standout off the bench. His minutes will obviously take a hit with ​Marc Gasol and Ivan Rabb ahead of him on the depth chart, but he’s still put up solid numbers in the five games he’s appeared in

The dude is even dropping mid-range dimes in Memphis.

Noah appeared in just 50 games over the pJoakim Says He Was “Too Lit” For NYCast two seasons with the ​New York Knicks, but he’s back to form and ready to turn up for Memphis. Fortunately, the city isn’t too lit that he’ll party too hard before or after the games. Looks like the quiet lifestyle is fitting him well.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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