KD: “People Hate the Fact that I’m so Damn Good at Basketball.”

KD: “People Hate the Fact that I’m so Damn Good at Basketball.”

Errrr, that ain’t it Kev.

Kevin Durant is perhaps the most sensitive person in all of sports when it comes to criticism–how else could you explain ​the use of burner accounts to anonymously defend himself to Twitter trolls?

And while he’s taken plenty of flack during his career, his refusal to accept criticism is downright baffling.

Case in point: when asked about his detractors by Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes on his new podcast, KD responded with the most clueless, deluded response you can imagine. And that’s that people only hate him because he’s “so damn good at basketball.”



People don’t hate you because you’re “so damn good” at basketball, KD.

LeBron James is “so damn good.” Giannis Antetokounmpo is “so damn good.” Heck, your teammate Steph Curry is “so damn good,” and they don’t get the level of hate that you do for their skill.

No, KD. The reason that people hate you is because you made a selfish move, ruining the competitive balance of the NBA to go to Golden State and chase championships.

And then, when people​ rightly criticized you for it, you had the audacity to act like you’ve done nothing wrong, going to ridiculous lengths to avoid accountability for your actions.

This sounds like as good a time as ever to break out Lil B’s deliciously NSFW KD diss-track:

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