Melo is Ironically Wearing a Hoodie on the Beach in Rockets Team Photo

Melo is Ironically Wearing a Hoodie on the Beach in Rockets Team Photo

Hoodie SZN in Houston?

It’s rarely cold enough in Houston to rock a Hoodie, so WTH are you doing Melo?  . . . Or is this the return of Hoodie Melo?

Last year’s hype around #HoodieMelo was pulsating last offseason, mainly due to the killer workouts with coach Chris Brickley. But after a lacklustre 2017-18 season with the Thunder, the guy just doesn’t generate excitement like he used to — and not even #HoodieMelo would get the pistons firing for the forward this off season.

So, unless it was an obscurely cold day at the beach, what’s going on here?

Perhaps his bold strategy to wear a damn sweatshirt on the beach could be taken as a sign of his bold, DGAF attitude for the ​upcoming season with the Houston Rockets.

Or maybe I’m just trying to rationalize why a person would wear a hoodie to the beach. Seriously, that’s just a bizarro move.

A recent video emerged of Melo working out for the​ first time in Rockets gear, where he looked polished and ready to jack up an unnecessary amount of threes and take on way too many iso’s. But with that style of play, he’ll fit right in with the Rockets, right?

While we can always hope that Melo will play as well as he looks in training videos, there’s great promise in his signing with the Rockets. Watching Chris Paul and reigning MVP James Harden complain to their new teammate will be a fact of life, but opponents really do still respect his jumper.

It’s going to be a fascinating year in H-Town. But if this summertime photo is any indication, Melo isn’t sweating just yet.

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