New Details Emerge on Dwight Howard’s Alleged Transgender Affair

New Details Emerge on Dwight Howard’s Alleged Transgender Affair

What a weekend for Dwight!

Dwight Howard has had a wild weekend, after he was ​accused of having relationship with a transgender woman who ​took to Twitter to describe her relationship with the NBA star.

Howard reportedly met Masin Elije, who identifies as a gay man, at the filming of MTV’s Wild’N Out after which Howard slid into her DM’s on Instagram.



​​Elije faced a wave of backlash and questioning from people on Twitter following her decision to out Howard, and she had some rather interesting answers about how these messages came to finally hit the twitterverse.

First, Elije clarified how they began speaking.




​​Despite claiming that the pair spoke through fake Instagram accounts, she provided messages of her and Howard exchanging messages through Howard’s main page, which boasts over two million followers.

Of course, Elije is looking to publicize the receipts, mainly so Howard can’t claim to not know what the situation truly was.



Elije came forward with these claims so as not to be thrown to the wayside like many of Howard’s other ex’s. As a result of Elije’s actions, Howard’s pastor has apparently begun threatening him.

While Elije appears to have some evidence of a relationship with Howard, this all must be taken with a grain of salt. Elije is the same individual who accused rapper Playboi Carti of being gay last year, but there was never enough evidence to prove either side.



Regardless of the outcome of this situation, it doesn’t seem like the story will be disappearing any time soon. Instead of being able to focus on his season with the Wizards, Howard will have this accusation hanging over his head and likely weighing him down.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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