REPORT // 76ers Front Office Can’t Agree on What to Do With Markelle Fultz

REPORT // 76ers Front Office Can’t Agree on What to Do With Markelle Fultz

They’re unsure, that’s for sure.

Everything about the Markelle Fultz saga is weird. First of all, his nerve-related injury seems unprecedented, as nobody knows what could have happened to a guy who shot so lights-out through high school and college but now can’t seem to reach the rim from the field.

He has the makings of a bust, but the fact that he was taken by a team that is now a true contender in the Eastern Conference makes the situation even weirder. Should they trade a guy that they spent the No. 1 pick (and traded an extra first-rounder) on for role players to help contend? Or should they hold on for potential? Well, the front office is reportedly torn.


It’s been made clear that the Sixers are open to trading Fultz, but the latest buzz from insider Keith Pompey is that while many in the team’s front office want a quality first-round pick for him, there’s not a consensus at the moment. They are unlikely to get such a return for a guy who has both physical and confidence-related problems, which has sent the trade process into an impasse.



The Sixers declared that they were buying in for the present when they traded for Jimmy Butler, whom they have said they plan to extend on a big extension this offseason. Fultz doesn’t help them right now, and it’s unclear if he ever will. That’s why he’s not drawing much value on the market.

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