Steve Kerr Whining About the Warriors Being Scrutinized is Laughable

Steve Kerr Whining About the Warriors Being Scrutinized is Laughable

​Shut-up, Steve. 🤣

The Golden State Warriors are the best team of all time. They have won three of the past four NBA titles and in the season they didn’t win, they posted the greatest regular season record in league history.


​​Kerr called his Warriors the “most scrutinized team” in ​NBA history, but is he right? The answer is probably, as in today’s age of social media everyone has become a critic; however, that shouldn’t matter.

With the amount of success his team has had, Kerr has no ground to stand on when it comes to complaining about or weighing in on the criticism his team receives. He should be grateful for all of the things he and his team have achieved and not worry about what the critics have to say, considering most of it is baseless from trolls on social media and others who simply hate the Warriors because they don’t like seeing the same team win all the time.

Let’s also not forget they have a loudmouth in Draymond Green, a boisterous showboat in Steph Curry, and a snake in Kevin Durant, so it’s not like this team doesn’t invite criticism at every turn.


And it’s not like the criticism has affected the team’s ability to dominate the NBA. That much is clear.

Then again, this comment is coming in the wake of one of the worst Warriors losses in recent memory, so any criticism the team may have received is entirely deserved. Losing to ​a LeBron-less Lakers team on Christmas Day is simply not going to go unnoticed.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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