Twitter’s Best Reactions to the Rondo/CP3 Fight

Twitter’s Best Reactions to the Rondo/CP3 Fight

Got ’em with the two-piece feed.

Geez . . .Β  shit got out of hand real fast last night at the Staples Center.

The build up around LeBron James’ first home game as a Laker quickly faded last night when Rajon Rondo and CP3 went at it, late in the 4th Quarter. Like something out of the 90s NBA, fists were flying, people were bolting in throwing haymakers and the crowd were on their feet.

In case you missed it, here it is:

The whole thing came about after a very soft foul called on Brandon Ingram on James Harden. Needless to say, Ingram wasn’t happy. He shoved James Harden and the two teams naturally ended up in close proximity. But it was when two old rivals came face to face when it all went downhill. Fast.

Rajan Rondo and Chris Paul were at it like old times, before Rondo allegedly, according to CP3 and the Rockets,Β spat in CP3’s face.

We’ve watched the tape about 15 times and can say that no, Rondo didn’t spit. The Turtle may have been talking smack, but it looks like the Houston guard started the fight when he pointed right in Rondo’s eye.

Our best guess for the bizarre Rockets cover-up? Houston are just trying to save face, save CP3 from a huge fine and a hefty suspension β€” because, as reported by Bobby Marks β€” Paul could be facing a fine upwards of $250,000 for starting the shit fight:

SHEESH! Not only did he get his ass beat down, he’s gotta fork out quarter of a milli! talk about an L.

But the best news to come out of this is always the internet. It’s when something incredible like this happens, Twitter has a field day. And they sure did. Check out the best responses to the fight from Twitter below!

We knew all this wasn’t new to Rajon . . .

. . . and with these two, it was only a matter of time . . .

But did he spit or nah?

Them 1-2 combo feels.

And then Ingram came in from deeeeeeep!

While some noticed Harden’s softness. Contrary to his surname.

We’re just lucky KD wasn’t there . . .

Me exactly:

But Floyd saw nothing but green.

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