The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Toro”

The Concept Lab : Air Jordan 6 “Toro”

I was recently going through my collection, looking for inspiration on what colorways we can transfer from one sneaker to the next. The pop of red from the corner of my eye, the “Toro Bravo” 4’s were signalling out and it dawned on me, why haven’t we seen any more toro bravo colorways?

The mix of Red, White, Black and Grey is supreme. An instant classic. A must have.

But it only comes on the Air Jordan 4. Mind you, the 4 is one of the most popular silhouettes, but so is the 6, 8 11 and the 13. And that is exactly what happened in the Lab Last night.

Would you Cop or Pass on our version of a “Toro Bravo” Air Jordan 6? And what other silhouettes would you love to see rock this colorway? (Please note: We’ve already made up an Air Jordan 8 and 13!)

Tell us what you think of today’s concept in a comment below!

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Air Jordan 6 “Toro” Concept

by the House of Heat



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