Concept Lab // Air Jordan 10 “Maroon”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 10 “Maroon”

The 10s don’t get enough love.

Let me take a stab at your four least-favorite Jordan retros from Mike’s playing days with the Bulls:

(in no particular order)

Two, Fourteen, Nine and Ten.

Close, right?

I get the first three, but why does the Air Jordan 10 not get enough love? It plays an important role in the Jordan Brand legacy — it was deigned as a celebration to Mike’s achievements up until his retirement. It was the first sneaker he wore in his NBA comeback and it looks hella dope and is comfy to boot.

But we get it. Like the other three from the list, it was rarely worn on court. The memories linked to it aren;t as strong as the other silhouettes, but that doesn’t make it less important or uglier than the others.

I think all it needs is a killer colorway to drive some hype. Sure, we’ve had some good ones over the years; the “Linen.” “Ice Blue” and the “Sacremento” (which needs to return, mind you), but unless we’re going to retro those colorways, here’s a new one that will surely drive some renewed interest.

Today’s inspiration? Well, simply, it comes from my love of a glass of red. But not every colroways needs a story. Sometimes we just want something dope to rock, looks nice and has the juice _ in this case, fermented.

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Air Jordan 10 “Maroon”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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