Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Win Like ’97”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Win Like ’97”

Like Mike.

Today is a Flashback Friday of sorts. This colorway is one we’ve done before, but that was before we had any idea how to manipulate Photoshop.

Even though it was a terrible mock up, people loved our “Bulls” colorway on the 12 – so we thought we’d give it another crack. And here she is.

Aptly named “Win Like ’97” — continuing on from last year’s Win Like Mike pack, which celebrated his wins at UNC and with the Bulls in 1996 with a duo of Air Jordan 11s.

So naturally, a “Win Like ’97” would include two Air Jordan 12s – and this is our Bulls edition of a speculative pack.

There’s actually rumors of a pack like that dropping later this year, but they’re yet to be confirmed.

So — tell us what you think of today’s flashaback concept! We’d love to hear your feels.

Air Jordan 12 “Win Like ’97”

from the House of Heat Concept Lab

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