Greg Yuna showcases his skill and perfectionism with these tiny Off-White Air Jordan 1s

Greg Yuna showcases his skill and perfectionism with these tiny Off-White Air Jordan 1s


If you peep Mr. Greg Yuna’s Instagram, you’ll see nothing but the good life. Travel, fashion, celebrity connections, jewels, cashand cars. But it wasn’t always the good life.

Just eight years ago, Greg Yuna was grinding away at his uncle’s kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District. It was tough in the beginning, working longer hours with less creative freedom for clients that typicaly weren’t of great interest. But one day it just clicked – and he has rapper 50 Cent to thank.

Through the crowd on day, Yuna spotted rap star 50 Cent, and although he didn’t act upon his presence that day, he instantly recognized the potential and desire to become the man when it came to celebrity jeweling. He had the skill, the creativity and the work ethic – he just needed to push.

Just a few months after it all clicked, another superstar — boxer Floyd Mayweather — came strolling by the booth. This time around, Greg wasted no time introducing himself and turned on that signature charm. Mayweather bought two necklaces straight of his neck. and that single $24,000 sale forever changed the course of his life.

He was now in the culture.

Greg Yuna with the man who kickstarted his career, Floy Mayweather

The boy from Queens has since been making  custom medallions, watches, diamond and gold pieces to big names in the culture, including music heavyweights like Drake and superstar athletes like Victor Cruz.

Naturally, a big part of ‘the culture’ – and Greg’s passion – belongs to sneakers. And his latest take on Virgil Abloh’s Off-White x Air Jordan is something to not only salivate over – it’s something to be in awe of.

And while he might not go by the name “Mr. Flawless” anymore, his work is nothing short of it. With tiny, minute detailing on the two 18k gold sneakers with 2.5k diamonds across an enamel sole truly showcases Greg’s extreme eye for detail and a level of perfection that put his name at the top of the list when it comes to celebrity jewellers.

But before you get your hopes up – these aren’t for sale. It’s merely an expression of Greg’s passion for sneakers through art.

And art they are.

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