#HardwoodHeat // CP3, PJT break out some bangers

#HardwoodHeat // CP3, PJT break out some bangers

Imagine all that heat just sitting in the Rockets locker room . . .

Houston Rockets teammates Chris Paul and P.J. Tucker would have to be two of the biggest sneakerheads in the NBA today. And now that they’re on the same team, it’s become a night-by-night battle of who can break out the most heat.

Typically, P.J. wins most nights with some incredibly rare PE’s and some of the hardest to cop sneakers in history – like last night’s “Miro” Air Jordan 7. But there’s often games where CP3 breaks out his own PE that you just know would make Tuck green with envy.

Now a Texan, CP3 broke out these “Longhorn” Air Jordan 11 PE’s last night that sent the gram into meltdown.

We’re not expecting a release – ever – so all you can do is sit back and admire yet another CP3-exclusive.

Chris Paul in his Player Exclusive “Longhorns” Air Jordan 11 PE
P.J. Tucker tried to match CP3’s heat with the ultra-rare Air Jordan 7 “Miro”


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