Here’s why some guy dropped $50k on a Jordan Wizards jersey

Here’s why some guy dropped $50k on a Jordan Wizards jersey

$50k? That’s Wizardry.

While we know that, historically, people spend big on sporting memorabilia. Especially anything relating to the GOAT. But this guy must have been under a wizard’s spell to drop almost $50,000 on a game-worn Washington Jordan jersey, right?

That’s exactly what happened earlier this month at Goldin Auctions, where someone actually dropped $47,872 to score the signed game-used jersey. Doesn’t add up, right?

But there is a reason why it fetched so much. Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin told The Washington Post there’s a detail that makes this particular jersey more desirable than many of the “game-used” results that populate other sites such as eBay.

Image via MeiGray, PSA/DNA, JSA & Resolution Photomatching

“The jersey fits into a unique class of Jordan jerseys because it’s a photo-matched jersey,” Goldin told the paper. “Every Jordan jersey that is photo-matched [has been determined to have been] on his back on a specific day or specific date.”

So, rather than being simply labelled as game-worn by Mike, there’s forensic photographic evidence to prove not only that he wore it—but when he wore it. According to Resolution Photomatching’s findings, the jersey in question was donned by the MJ during a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on December 18, 2002.

Even if that game wasn’t spectacular (Mike had 33 points, 5 boards and 2 assists in a 100-118 blowout win), does that make it more valuable?

Evidently, it does.

Image via Getty / Mitchell Layton

As surprising as the $50K Wizards jesery sale is, it wasn’t the most ludicrous purchase of Goldin’s recent lot. A jersey worn by Jordan during the Bulls 1997-98 Championship season fetched a cool $105,565.


Image via Goldin Auctions

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