It Would Cost $32,800 to Buy Every Air Jordan That Released in 2018

It Would Cost $32,800 to Buy Every Air Jordan That Released in 2018

. . . and that’s based off the RETAIL cost 😱

2018 was a great year for Jordan Brand. They reclaimed a ton of marketshare back from the Three Stripes, partly due to better quality colorways and releases, and partly thanks to their NRG department’s efforts on collaborations and limited releases.

It was a year that seemed loaded, with more sneakers than ever releasing. in fact, there were 184 “signature” Air Jordans released. That includes numbered Jordans only, from the iconic Air Jordan 1 (counting High OGs only) to the Jordan 32 and Jordan 33 performance models. We will note, that Women’s and GS drops were also included in the figures.

But still, that’s one new signature Air Jordan sneaker EVERY TWO DAYS.

So, after hearing that, we weren’t surprised to learn that the total combined retail value of all 2018’s pairs was a whopping $32,800.

There were three retros which fetched the most expensive at retail price on the year of $250: Justin Timberlake’s “Bio Beige” Air Jordan 3 JTH, the “Chinese New Year” Air Jordan 6 and the “Cap and Gown” Air Jordan 11,

But if you think this year was stacked compared to the year before, think again. Last year’s combined retail total was just a few hundred dollars off, totalling $32,428.


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