Nike just shut down 20 fake sneaker sites

Nike just shut down 20 fake sneaker sites

This is fake news.

The ever-lasting, gruelling (and expensive) task of fighting forgery is a bane for big brands. Because we know counterfeiting will never be beaten, but that doesn’t mean brands should give up fighting it.

According to IPPro The Internet, Nike recently got themselvfes a W, winning the rights to 20 fake sneaker selling domains in a UDRP dispute at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Centre.

The ruling handed down by Wilson Pinheiro Jabur stated that the infringing domain names are to be transferred to Nike, as the original registrant of the names, Gueijuan Xu, had both registered and used them in bad faith — evidently, to sell fake goods.

The list of domains includes and, which are, quite obviously, faker than Nicki Minaj’s ass implants.

This isn’t the only win in 2018 for Nike, earlier this year the U.S. government intercepted $54,000 worth of knockoff Air Jordans en route from China. And we’re sure they have smaller wins on a daily basis that we don’t hear about.

Moral of the story: Don’t fake it til you make it.

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