Ranked // 10 of Mike’s Worst Jeans

Ranked // 10 of Mike’s Worst Jeans

Defiantly not the GOAT of Denim.

Collaborations with the likes of Off-White, PSNY and Vogue Magazine, Jordan Brand has placed themselves in the upper echelon of fashion icons.

But the same can’t be said for it’s name partner.

He was pretty okay at basketball. OK, he’s the greatest to ever hit the hardwood. He’s now a franchise owner and a Billionaire. but we can’t be perfect, can we? Despite the fashion icon status (and the billion dollars in his account,) Mike still has a hard time shopping for Jeans.

Perhaps he could reach out to his new pal Anna Wintour for some help.

I can relate, though — it is more difficult to shop for great jeans when you’re 6’6, but there are a ton of NBA players as tall (or taller) who manage to get by without looking like they’re a early 00’s dad.

We love you, Mike, but all of these gotta go.

This just isn’t a good look.

Rumor has it Mike actually wears these baggy joints to fit basketball shorts underneath — just in case someone challenges him to a 1 on 1.

The bad thing about this is, the jeans aren’t even the worst part of the outfit.

Been doing a bit of DIY Mike?

Nobody can pull of a Canadian Tuxedo, let alone this guy.

Oh, here we go. The first of the ripped, oversized, too long denim.

At least he’s owning them right here. No fucks given.

That is a lot of denim. It just keeps going on and on and on and . . .

There’s acid wash, and then there’s acid spill.


But really, what worse, the denim or the old man leather cell phone belt clip?

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